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Franklin Templeton Academy courses fall into three broad categories, covering every facet of your business.

Investment Concepts

A wealth of insights that help you see and share the factors which might impact your clients’ investments.

Professional Development

Courses designed to help build your business with sharpened social, professional, and personal communications skills.

Product Knowledge

Detailed fund strategies, market insights, and crystalized views of solutions that help you tailor investments for your valued clients.

Topics available from the Franklin Templeton Academy may include:

Responsible Investing

Dive into Responsible Investing and learn why it matters.

Introduction to Mutual Funds

Explore the basics of mutual fund investing, including benefits and limitations.

CFA Investment Foundations: Alternative Investments

Explore how alternative investments may help investors enhance return and reduce risk.

CFA Investment Foundations: Investment Management

Examine the ways investment managers help investors reach financial goals.

CFA Investment Foundations: Macroeconomics

Gain a clear understanding of macroeconomic conditions and forces.

CFA Investment Foundations: Quantitative Concepts

Explore mathematical concepts commonly used in the investment industry.

Introduction to Bonds

This series deconstructs bond concepts to provide a basic overview.

Beyond Bond Basics

Explore topics including duration, credit fundamentals, and currency management.

Understanding Hedge Strategies

Explore the distinguishing characteristics that set hedge investment strategies apart.

Strategies for Generating Income

Explore potential options investors have outside of traditional fixed-income investing.

Psychology of Investing

Take a tour of the biases baked into human decision-making.

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