About Us

Franklin Templeton Investments has played a pivotal role in financial education and training over the years. In 1958 the first Franklin Almanac, a mimeographed newsletter, imparted tips on a range of investing topics. The late Sir John Templeton authored numerous volumes, such as 16 Rules for Investment Success, to educate the world about investing.

Franklin Templeton Academy was founded in Asia in 2005 and quickly expanded to Europe and the Americas. Today, the Academy has more than a dozen trainers located in multiple regions across the globe who provide global perspective coupled with local insights. Ranging from novice investors to seasoned professionals, Franklin Templeton Academy has trained thousands of learners over the years; including financial advisers, investors, institutional clients, journalists and university students.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I learn. Involve me and I remember.” This quote inspires the Academy to provide quality, pragmatic programs that engage participants and result in effective learning experiences.